Why are we here?


Back in the 90's our founder, Dr. Sagit Weiss, was looking for funding to help her look into a life-threatening condition called disseminated intravascular coagulation. But she soon found that no grants were available. And that meant no proper work was being done in the field at all. 


Even though she was a medical insider and a young double graduate in medicine and molecular biology, there was still no obvious way to make a dramatic change. Until she saw what was being achieved on Kickstarter. And realised the answer lay in getting the public involved.


Crowdfunding medical research

Crowdacure is the result of years of work. It brings together a community of members of the general public, academics and researchers. 


It opens new doors to research, empowering everyone to immerse themselves in projects, make informed decisions and drive knowledge forward. It breaks down barriers, democratises medical research and brings invaluable funding to under-researched areas. 


With your help, we can work together to make sure that, one day, there is No Disease Left Unresearched.