How could I get involved in the agenda of medical research?

The solution is simple, and just lies on our good will: be specific, fund rather than fundraise, share the information, share the access. 


What makes it impossible to people to have an impact on the agenda of medical research is the combination of a few problems. 


First of all, we don't know there is a problem. Don't we wish deep in our stomach that "someone" is taking care of important research? That important research finds funding? Well, no... (see problem 2). But now we can do something about it.


Second, even if you knew, you have no access to the mechanism, to the process of medical research funding. Your only contact is when you make a donation, but usually charities are not organised to take in account individual preferences.

You also pay your taxes and buy medications but these are not transactions where you can have any sort of influence.


Third, even if you had a contact point, how would you do? How would you know if the project is valid technically, you don't have a technical background in medical research.


The solution is to combine funding rather than fundraising with sharing expertise and access.

Funding rather than fundraising (transparency):


Sharing expertise: select projects in research that are already assessed for their technical quality and medical importance, make them accessible to you, but make them also easy to understand, readable. And associate this experience with ways to make an impact, support the projects be it financially or socially.


Give Access:

All of this would be useless if there wasn't a place where members of the community could not only find research projects but also find the tools to read them and support them. All of this is made easy these days by internet