The concept:

with Crowdacure, you are solving two problems

You have no way to influence medical research

Although it has such a huge impact on your life, you have no way to influence decisions in medical research 

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Diseases causing most UK deaths are under-researched because of lack of funding

They may get as little as £635 per person who died in respiratory diseases, a leading cause of death in the UK) and 7635£  (leukaemia)

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So what?

You shall make sure things are going the way you want

Is research funded enough? Where in medicine do you want to see the progress first? Do you want to be treated with complementary medicines? Do you prefer an aggressive treatment or a safe one?

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You'd like to know medicine has made those advances needed to help your beloved ones when the time comes

This is associated with delayed progress in vast areas of medicine and the chance that we get affected is high.

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The solution

The solution is crowdfunding medical research with sharing knowlegde transparently

Expressing your vote will ensure carried out research is relevant to you, made legitime by your own vote. 

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At Crowdacure, we trust traditional funders will listen and integrate your choices in their decisions