How can crowdfunding make things right in medical research?

Let's start by defining "right".

Probably what everyone can agree is that the objective of medical research is not to serve governments or generate business for the pharmaceutical industry but to improve the welfare of people.

This is why, make things right means that you, people can determine if you want some research to happen, and make it happen.

If a piece of research has been assessed and approved for its technical quality and the quality of the research team, then the question of how important it is has a human component that is determined by the beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries. Some would argue that even the importance of a project should be determined by experts but we argue that if the technical value has been properly assessed, technical importance has been assessed too.


Right now, people are hardly involved in medical research except by paying their taxes or donating to a charity supporting a cause.

Generally crowdfunding platforms offer to donors projects to support rather than causes so that those donors who want to get involved in what will be researched can do so, especially if given the right information.

By offering people projects to support rather than causes and giving them information on the projects, they are able to decide if they want to support this particular research or not. When just given the choice of supporting a cause, they have no idea what research will be performed.


Crowdfunding is a form of popular vote

In addition, crowdfunding is a form of popular vote for a project. so if a project has been funded by crowdfunding, it means that there are that many people that voted (paid) to see this research happening.


Crowdfunding is accessible to all, all are given a chance on crowdfunding. In medicine, there is no disease that doesn't deserve a treatment