Welcome to Crowdacure. We understand that your privacy is important to you and you care how your private data is used. In this policy we explain how we handle and use your personal information and your rights in relation to that information. We respect and value the privacy of all of our customers and will only collect and use personal data in ways that are described here, in our Cookies Policy and in our Terms of Use, and in a way that is consistent with our obligations and your rights under the law.


We use cookies and similar tools on our applications and website, https://www.crowdacure.com (the “Website”) to improve its performance and enhance your user experience. This policy explains how we do that.



Cookies are small text files which a website may put on your computer or mobile device when you first visit a site or page. The cookie will help the website, or another website, to recognise your device the next time you visit. We use the term “cookies” in this policy to refer to all files that collect information in this way.

There are many functions cookies serve. For example, they can help us to remember your username and preferences, analyse how well the Website is performing, or even allow us to recommend content we believe will be most relevant to you.

Certain cookies contain personal information – for example, if you click to “remember me” when logging in, a cookie will store your username. Most cookies will not collect information that identifies you, but will instead collect more general information such as how users arrive at and use the Website.



Generally, our cookies perform up to three different functions:

Essential cookies: Some cookies are essential for the operation of the Website. If you opt to disable these cookies, you will not be able to access or use all of the features that the Website incorporates.

Performance cookies: We utilise other cookies to analyse how our visitors use the Website and to monitor performance. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by customising our offering and quickly identifying and fixing any issues that arise. For example, we might use performance cookies to keep track of which pages are most popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective, and to determine why some pages are receiving error messages.

Functionality cookies: We use functionality cookies to allow us to remember your preferences. For example, cookies save you the trouble of typing in your username every time you use the Website, and recall your customisation preferences.


svSessionPersistent cookie. Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site

hsSession- For security

XSRF-TOKEN: Persistent cookie- for security

smSession: Persistent cookie (two weeks)- Iidentifies logged in site members

TSxxxxxxxx (where x is replaced with a random series of numbers and letters): Persistent cookie- security

TSxxxxxxxx_d (where x is replaced with a random series of numbers and letters): Persistent cookie- security

Google Analytics: used to measure website activity and traffic patterns. Users are provided the option to opt out.




We do use or allow third parties to serve cookies that fall into the three categories above. For example, like many companies, we use Google Analytics to help us monitor our traffic. We may also use third party cookies to help us with market research, revenue tracking, improving site functionality and monitoring compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy.



As we have explained above, cookies help you to get the most out of the Website.

However, if you do wish to disable cookies then you can do so by amending the settings within your browser or mobile device.

Please remember that if you do choose to disable cookies, you may find that certain sections of the Website do not work properly.



More detail on how businesses use cookies is available at www.allaboutcookies.org. If you have any queries regarding this Cookies Policy please contact Crowdacure by e-mail at admin@crowdacure.com.

Version 1.0, 18 September 2018