What is Crowdacure?

The first event that ultimately led to Crowdacure happened years ago, when Dr Sagit Weiss, back then a young double graduate in medicine and molecular biology, looking for funding for her research in disseminated intravascular coagulation, realised no organisations were covering this life-threatening condition.


It meant that not only was there no satisfying treatment, there was also no ongoing research, and there would be none, as there were no grants available.


Even as an insider, back in the nineties there was no obvious way to make a dramatic change.

It is not until she heard the news on Kickstarter passing $1 billion of funds raised from the public that she realised the solution was to involve the public. They just proved they could move mountains for the right causes.


But the solution was much more complicated than a crowdfunding website. The available information on medical research isn't fit for purpose. Researchers are working day and night on their research and patients. Crowdacure needs to be the gate and the tools bridging between all parties. A "toolbox" that would allow members of the public to read and understand the necessary information to make informed decisions in medical research.

A place where you can...

find projects that are reaching out to the community to be funded

make decisions in medical research knowingly

meet researchers and engage with them

Communication is open and transparent

Expertise and information is shared responsibly

A place where you can engage with medical research

the projects are verified by experts before being presented to you. 

We present you projects where you will have an impact